Sally Waterman


'Syncopation' (2017)

HD Digital video projection, 3 mins, 30 secs (Looping version),   4 mins (Screening version with credits)



by Rafał Gawin
Translation into Romanian by Teodor Ajder
Translation into English by Jozefina Komporaly

The home is the first step towards excess,
as you are about to break free of your self. The home is a tree,
for you to pick fruit from, so you can taste its sweet absence.
The home is a cobweb, when you have no other, more solid

support to turn to, ahead of the next jump.
The home is a jump in two, three and four, a syncopation
of walls, doors and thresholds, a faithful translation
and a transfer of data. The home is a game of hide-and-seek,

in which all heads are held furtive, and it is the bodies that
carry out the dodging. The home is the mastermind behind
this operation in which special forces suss out conspiracies,
whenever you create shopping lists on your phone.

The home is an accident at work, a beautiful disaster
brought about by the collision of elements. The home is a table laden
with dishes, akin to the well-meaning stone throw. The home,
topmast of all stopovers on the journey, a fabulous echo

of nocturnal misfires. The home is the last source of creative
unrest, that vexes you at times you strive to meet half way.
The home is the ultimate solution to the problem with unknowns
that needs no substitution. The home is a statement

made in a direct fashion, of something that will never resound until the bitter end. The home simply is.

Łódź, 17-18 July 2017
London, 28-29 August 2017