Sally Waterman

'So Cheerio for Now', Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich (11th November-16th December 2017)


The 'Keep Smiling' (2015) and 'So Cheerio for Now' (2016) videos from the 'Letters Home' project are being shown alongside the 'February' (2011) video from the 'Translucence' project in this joint exhibition with Jacqueline Butler.

Reflecting upon familial relationships, love, and mourning, the works shown trace the recurring journeys each of us make to our ancestral homes in the Isle of Wight and Glasgow, drawing upon personal archives as a source material.

We are both co-ordinators of the research group, Family Ties Network and an accompanying seminar event entitled 'Journeying Home' is scheduled for Saturday 2nd December.


'Talking Transformations' commission (Autumn 2017)


I am currently working on a video based on a poem about home by Polish poet, RafaƂ Gawin for a new project led by Dr. Manuela Perteghella and Dr. Ricarda Vidal.

"Talking Transformations seeks to offer a platform to examine what ‘home’ means to us at a time when notions of ‘home’ in Europe are becoming more fluid, being challenged and reshaped by unprecedented migration. Motivated by Brexit, this project focuses on the UK and the countries most important to EU migration into and from the UK: respectively Romania and Poland and France and Spain. British poetry is sent through literary translation via France to Spain before returning home; in parallel, an original Polish poem travels through translation from Poland via Romania to the UK before returning to Poland."

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'Waves-Journey-Voyage', Special Collections and Archives, Goldsmiths, University of London (11th September-26th October 2017), Exhibiiton of 'Journey Home' and 'Voyage Boxed' bookworks and artefacts from 'Waves' project

19th-21st September 2017
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