Sally Waterman

'Ideas of Intimacy’, Ravensbourne University London, Saturday 6th October 2018


I will presenting my current project 'Twenty-Twenty One' at the next Family Ties Network event, which examines my long-term relationship with my partner in the light of his recent treatment for heart failure. This project also includes the recent video, ‘Home: A Structure on Trial’ (2017) which was commissioned for ‘Talking Transformations: Home on the Move’. The poem became symbolic of his recovery, with the home becoming a place of refuge and safety, whilst also becoming claustrophobic, with the flickering sunlight, reflected upon the floors and doors being indicative of his irregular heartbeat.

This research seminar will consider ideas of intimacy, in terms of personal relationships and family bonds through artist moving image and photography. Emotional expressions of love, loss and closeness are examined through issues of self-exposure, identity and ethical boundaries.

There will be presentations by fellow FTN co-ordinator Suze Adams, alongside guest speakers Jane Prior and Sarah Pucill.


'Home on the Move', National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre (26th July–23rd September 2018)


My recent video, 'Home: A Structure on Trial' (2017) based on a poem by Polish poet, Rafał Gawin, will be exhibited alongside the six other artist films produced for the 'Talking Transformations' commission. The two original poems and their literary translations will be displayed on posters as well as in the form of take-away poem-objects.

The show is part of the exhibition 'Language Shift' by artist Mary Kuper who has created visual works which respond to the library’s collection of poems in European languages.

The 'Talking Transformations: Home on the Move' project was commissioned by Dr. Manuela Perteghella and Dr. Ricarda Vidal and comprises of two poems about home which represent the immigration and emigration routes into and out of the UK and seven corresponding artist videos:

"Talking Transformations seeks to offer a platform to examine what ‘home’ means to us at a time when notions of ‘home’ in Europe are becoming more fluid, being challenged and reshaped by unprecedented migration. Motivated by Brexit, this project focuses on the UK and the countries most important to EU migration into and from the UK: respectively Romania and Poland and France and Spain. British poetry is sent through literary translation via France to Spain before returning home; in parallel, an original Polish poem travels through translation from Poland via Romania to the UK before returning to Poland."

'Picturing the Family: Media, Narrative, Memory' (Bloomsbury, 2018)


I have a chapter entitled 'Performing Familial Memory in Against' which analyses my 'Against' video from the 'Translucence' series in this recent publication, edited by Silke Arnold-de Simine and Joanne Leal which considers the role of the family photograph in forming both personal and collective cultural memory.

Based upon papers delivered at the 'Picturing the Family: Media, Narrative, Memory' conference held at Birkbeck, University of London in 2014, the contributors include Martha Langford, Oksana Sarkisova and Olga Shevchenko, Deborah Schultz, Richard Lowell MacDonald and Silke Arnold-de Simine alongside fellow co-ordinators from the Family Ties Network; Lizzie Thynne, Suze Adams, Jacqueline Butler and Nicky Bird.


'Global Photographies: Memory, History, Archives' (Transcript, 2018)


This new publication features my contributing chapter, entitled, 'Re-imagining the Family Album through Literary Adaptation', which analyses the 'PastPresent' (2005) photographs and the 'Fortune-telling/Re-telling' (2007) and 'The Deep Sea Swell' (2009) videos from the 'Waste Land' project. The chapter outlines my practice-based PhD research which was later developed for a paper at the 'How History Enters Photography' symposium held at Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany in June 2012.

This edited collection by Sissy Helff and Stefanie Michels examines "...the relationship between history, photography and memory in a global perspective on three interrelated levels: firstly, in the artistic and cultural production of pictures, secondly, in the decoding of colonial and contemporary photography, and thirdly, in collecting photographs in picture archives dealing with colonial and anthropological photography. The contributions sketch the contested field of (post-)colonial photography and trace the manifold intertwinements between historical and contemporary photographs."

Available as a free PDF download.

Recent Exhibitions & Events
3rd-25th August 2018
Tasmanian International Video Art Festival, Sawtooth ARI gallery, Launceston, Tasmania, 'Against' (2014) video from the 'Translucence' project installed in group exhibition

29th June–8th July 2018
15th June 2018
'Contexts of Film Practice', MeCCSA and Media Practice and Education Practice Network Annual Symposium, University of Lincoln, Presented a paper entitled ‘The ‘Waste Land’ Project: Framing Practice-Based Research Through Literary Adaptation'

9th-10th June 2018
3rd February-7th May 2018
3rd February-7th May 2018
3rd February-11th March 2018
'At the Violet Hour', Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate, Photographs from 'Sermon: Vol. I Encounter' (2008) from the 'Waste Land' project were featured in this group exhibition curated by Chiara Williams and Shaun Stamp.

11th November-16th December 2017
9th-12th November 2017