Sally Waterman

Unrest, 2017
Syncopation, 2017
Cobweb, 2017
Between Us, 2018


The ‘Twenty’ project (2017-18) serves as a reflection upon the artist’s long term relationship with her partner in the light of his treatment for heart failure. Shot on an iPhone around the time of their twentieth anniversary, the ‘Unrest’ (2017) triptych embodies the uncertainty experienced by the artist, taken whilst waiting for the results of a procedure. The photographic diptych, ‘Cobweb’ (2017) is a candid portrait, captured unaware in the first week of his return home.

'Syncopation' (2017) is based on the poem, 'Home: A Structure on Trial' by Polish poet, Rafał Gawin. It was originally commissioned for the 'Talking Transformations: Home on the Move' project, curated by Dr. Manuela Perteghella and Dr. Ricarda Vidal, which sought to investigate what ‘home’ means in relation to debates on Brexit and EU migration. The poem took on autobiographical resonance, symbolic of her partner’s recovery, with the home representing a place of refuge and safety, whilst also becoming claustrophobic - “Home is a cobweb”. The flickering sunlight, reflected upon the floors and doors is indicative of his irregular heartbeat – “a fabulous echo of nocturnal misfires” or a “collision of elements”. Correlations are drawn between the structural dwelling and its human presences – “Home is a game of hide-and-seek” with “bodies that carry out the dodging”.

Shot a year on from his treatment, ‘Between Us’ (2018) is a celebration of his recovery, whilst recognising his vulnerability, viewed through a loving, female gaze. Based on the poem, ‘Loving You’ by Frances Horovitz, this black and white video acts as an intimate love letter to her partner, comprised of twenty-one photographs to signify their twenty-one years spent together. Indeed, the sense of intimacy and familiarity is implicit – “I could mark you through to the bone”, signalled by the fluidity of the dissolving images - “you know me as fish knows fish in tide”.

Exhibition History
Home on the Move - Multilingual Translation Art, Multilingualism and Multilingual Identities in World Literatures conference School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London ('Syncopation' shown in pop-up exhibition)
Home on the Move - Translating for Europe, 'Noise of Europe' conference, University of Applied Sciences, Den Haag, The Netherlands ('Syncopation' shown in pop-up exhibition)
Home on the Move - Inter-Art Translation, 6th IATIS Conference, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong (Screening of 'Syncopation')
Home on the Move, Whitstable Biennale, Ledbury Poetry Festival and the Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall, London ('Syncopation' installed on monitor)
Southampton Film Week, (Screening of 'Syncopation')
Home on the Move , 'Movement and Identity’ symposium, Tate Modern, London ('Syncopation' shown in pop-up exhibition)
CineAutopsia, 5th Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá , Bogotá, Columbia (Screening of 'Syncopation)
Crossing the Screen International Film Festival, Eastbourne (Screening of 'Syncopation')
Family Film Project – International Film Festival of Archive, Memory and Ethnography, Porto, Portugal (Screening of 'Syncopation)
MK Calling, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes ('Syncopation' and 'Between Us' to be shown as looping video installations in group show)